SOS Children’s Villages is the largest nonprofit in the world dedicated to children who have either lost their parents, or cannot grow up with their biological families.

Creating families, homes, and villages for children

SOS Children’s Villages (SOS-Kinderdorf International) was founded in Austria in 1949 in response to the needs of children in the aftermath of World War II. Its vision is that every child deserves a family—a mother, brothers and sisters, a home, and a village.

As the emotional center of the family, mothers receive extensive training in child development and are supported by education specialists and other professionals. Biological siblings are never separated, and family ties are built to last a lifetime.

Impact beyond villages

SOS has created nearly 500 villages and 400 youth facilities in 132 countries, and today raises more than 73,000 children. Strengthening families beyond its villages, the organization has built 231 kindergartens, 185 schools, 65 medical centers, 575 social centers, and 61 vocational training centers.

Drawing on 60 years of experience, SOS Children’s Villages is an international advocate for the human rights of children throughout the world.