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Homelessness in LA: Living in a state of emergency

LA City leaders have declared a state of emergency regarding the homelessness crisis in the region, but what should we do next? Our CEO, Steven M. Hilton proposes four things to keep in mind.

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    What’s in a brand?

    September 23, 2015 By Marc Moorghen

    What our new branding says about the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and how we put it to good use on our new website.

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    Celebrating Recovery, Looking Towards the Intersection of Education and Public Health

    Substance Use Prevention September 16, 2015 By Alexa Eggleston, Tenille Metti

    National Recovery Month focuses on bringing awareness to mental health and substance use disorders and celebrating those who are in recovery.

  3. Press Release

    Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Announces the Creation of a Groundbreaking, Formal Network of Global Humanitarian Organizations: The Hilton Prize Coalition

    September 15, 2015 By Media Contact

    The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Announces an Increase to the Hilton Humanitarian Prize and a Grant to the Hilton Prize Coalition

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    Infographic: Identifying Early Warning Signs

    Substance Use Prevention June 24, 2015 By Alexa Eggleston

    Youth are especially vulnerable to developing substance use disorders, which carry the potential for life-altering consequences. The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation’s strategy focuses on screening and early intervention.

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    Recognizing the Contributions of Catholic Sisters

    Catholic Sisters June 23, 2015 By Kara Lemma, Ph.D.

    In the United States, Catholic sisters have had their hands full coping with not one but two official Vatican inquiries, each initiated by distinct Vatican entities.

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    Collaborating for Impact in Zambia

    Members of our board and staff traveled to Zambia to visit ongoing Hilton Foundation projects carried out by grantee partners in two of our strategic initiatives: the Catholic Sisters Initiative and the Children Affected by HIV and AIDS Initiative.

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    The Opportunity That Lies Within Early Intervention

    Substance Use Prevention June 8, 2015 By Tenille Metti

    So often in our conversations with policy makers, practitioners, and families across the country about preventing and reducing substance use among youth, people express a mixture of optimism and concern.

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    Board of Directors Approves New Funding Guidelines for Catholic Education Major Program Area

    Catholic Education June 1, 2015 By Sabrina Wong

    These new guidelines were developed over a period of 12 months of active engagement with Catholic education leaders, practitioners, innovators, and funders across the country.