• United Way of Greater Atlanta Inc.
    $2,150,000 through November, 2025

    to build the capacity of the child welfare advocacy infrastructure in Georgia

    Foster Youth USA Awarded: November, 2023
  • LA 4 LA Fund
    $3,000,000 through November, 2025

    for the LA 4 LA Fund, a project of the CCF Community Initiatives Fund, to accelerate the pace of housing development for people experiencing homelessness

    Homelessness USA Awarded: November, 2023
  • Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya Registered Trustees
    $1,600,000 through November, 2026

    to expand the Sister-led Youth Empowerment Initiative in Kenya and build the capacity of disadvantaged and vulnerable youth aged 15-25 to become self-sufficient - PHASE II

    Catholic Sisters Africa Awarded: November, 2023
  • Dicastery for Communication
    $1,800,000 through November, 2025

    to support reporting and documenting Catholic Sisters' stories and ministries through the Vatican’s Dicastery of Communication Networks - PHASE II

    Catholic Sisters Global Awarded: November, 2023
  • World Vision
    $4,750,000 through November, 2026

    To extend the Safe Water Enterprise model to more systems in Asutifi North, expand service delivery to Asunafo North, and co-design and pilot a drinking water sustainability fund for the rural water sector.

    Safe Water Africa Awarded: November, 2023
  • Uptime Catalyst Facility
    $5,000,000 through December, 2026

    To scale-up performance-based contracting for safe water service delivery and influence regional and global financing of rural water services.

    Safe Water Global Awarded: November, 2023
  • WSUP Advisory CIC
    $4,000,000 through March, 2028

    To continue supporting the Mid-Western Umbrella to deliver sustainable safe water services to underserved rural populations and advocate for a national enabling environment for sustainable and equitable safe water.

    Safe Water Africa Awarded: November, 2023
  • Power California
    $100,000 through September, 2024

    to bolster the capacity of grassroots organizations to engage in strategic narrative change efforts related to housing and homelessness for young people

    Homelessness USA Awarded: September, 2023
  • Liberty Hill Foundation
    $510,000 through April, 2025

    to provide capacity building and nonprofit leadership and effectiveness programming for opportunity youth serving organizations in Los Angeles

    Opportunity Youth USA Awarded: September, 2023
  • The New York Foundling
    $500,000 through October, 2024

    to offer educational tutoring support for foster youth from 5th grade through high school through the Road to Success Program, increase successful transitions of adolescents and young adults out of foster care, and educate policymakers on service gaps

    Foster Youth USA Awarded: September, 2023