• King Baudouin Foundation United States, Inc.
    $8,978,000 through December, 2024

    To support the World Health Organization to strengthen health systems to deliver and monitor services that support nurturing care for young children and to ensure global validity of the Global Scale for Early Development.

    Global Early Childhood Development International Awarded: November, 2021
  • Alliance for Early Success
    $4,000,000 through November, 2025

    To support the Alliance for Early Success Pooled Fund - Child Care NEXT initiative that will enable six states (Colorado, Louisiana, New York, Oregon, Virginia, and New Mexico) to launch transformative child care policy and funding campaigns.

    Global Early Childhood Development USA Awarded: November, 2021
  • Water4, Inc.
    $4,300,000 through November, 2024

    To renew service delivery model in Wassa East, Ghana and advocate for contractual arrangement.

    Safe Water International Awarded: November, 2021
  • The Childrens Aid Society
    $2,000,000 through November, 2024

    to strengthen the Fostering Youth Success Alliance coalition in expanding housing and educational supports and to support caregiver recruitment for transition age foster youth in New York City.

    Foster Youth USA Awarded: November, 2021
  • Childrens Law Center of California
    $3,000,000 through November, 2024

    to expand the Crossover Advocacy and Resource Effort program that provides legal advocacy and supportive services for foster youth including crossover youth, survivors of CSEC, and young parents in foster care.

    Foster Youth USA Awarded: November, 2021
  • iFoster Inc.
    $3,000,000 through December, 2024

    to strengthen and expand the delivery of resources for transition aged youth through a robust resource portal, peer navigator system, and the design of a national well-being index.

    Foster Youth USA Awarded: November, 2021
  • Coalition for Responsible Community Development
    $2,400,000 through November, 2024

    to increase the college and career readiness of youth aging out of foster care and to build out an alumni engagement and post-hire supports program for opportunity youth in South Los Angeles.

    Foster Youth USA Awarded: November, 2021
  • United Way Inc.
    $2,000,000 through November, 2022

    to support the growth and capacity-building of criminal justice-serving organizations to provide housing services and solutions for people experiencing homelessness, leveraging new public investment in Los Angeles County.

    Homelessness USA Awarded: November, 2021
  • Silicon Valley Community Foundation
    $4,000,000 through August, 2025

    to provide ongoing support for the California Black Freedom Fund.

    Equity Fund USA Awarded: November, 2021
  • Special Service for Groups Inc.
    $3,100,000 through November, 2023

    to support converting a Project Homekey motel into 30 units of permanent housing in the City of Los Angeles.

    Homelessness USA Awarded: November, 2021