• King Baudouin Foundation United States, Inc.
    $8,978,000 through December, 2024

    To support the World Health Organization to strengthen health systems to deliver and monitor services that support nurturing care for young children and to ensure global validity of the Global Scale for Early Development.

    Global Early Childhood Development International Awarded: November, 2021
  • Alliance for Early Success
    $4,000,000 through November, 2025

    To support the Alliance for Early Success Pooled Fund - Child Care NEXT initiative that will enable six states (Colorado, Louisiana, New York, Oregon, Virginia, and New Mexico) to launch transformative child care policy and funding campaigns.

    Global Early Childhood Development USA Awarded: November, 2021
  • Mass General Brigham Incorporated
    $150,000 through October, 2022

    to support advocacy to accelerate access to COVID-19 vaccines in Uganda.

    Partnerships International Awarded: October, 2021
  • Dicastery for Promoting Integral and Human Development
    $900,000 through October, 2024

    to support sisters’ education, strengthen Dicastery’s information management system, personnel recruitment and produce a well-being study.

    Catholic Sisters International Awarded: October, 2021
  • Childrens Defense Fund
    $500,000 through September, 2023

    to support Children’s Defense Fund-California to advance outcomes for transition age foster youth (TAY), through advocacy, policy reforms and implementation oversight, and communications in the areas of education and economic self-sufficiency.

    Foster Youth USA Awarded: September, 2021
  • Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.
    $90,000 through June, 2022

    to create and disseminate case studies on Project Homekey conversions to permanent housing.

    Homelessness USA Awarded: September, 2021
  • Mercatus Center Inc.
    $100,000 through March, 2022

    to support policy research on how reforms to land-use restriction and other urban policies can foster growth, economic mobility, and healthy civil society, specifically around housing affordability and development.

    Homelessness USA Awarded: September, 2021
  • Partnership for America's Children
    $100,000 through September, 2022

    to support advocacy and strategic communication to advance an older youth policy agenda developed by young people and foster TAY policy experts.

    Foster Youth USA Awarded: September, 2021
  • Unite-La Inc.
    $450,000 through September, 2022

    for a planning project to improve healthcare career pathways for OY and build political will for policies prioritizing OY services.

    Opportunity Youth USA Awarded: September, 2021
  • Extraordinary Families
    $300,000 through September, 2023

    to support the Up4Youth Program and to expand the agency's capability to recruit and retain caregivers for older youth.

    Foster Youth USA Awarded: September, 2021