• Corporation for Supportive Housing
    $5,000,000 through March, 2026

    to support a multifaceted plan to address chronic homelessness in Los Angeles County through increasing access to and development of supportive housing, increased alignment with healthcare systems and statewide policy advocacy

    Homelessness USA Awarded: March, 2023
  • New Yorkers for Children, Inc.
    $3,600,000 through March, 2026

    to support a project to study, pilot and expand models to improve placement stability, mental health and wraparound support for transition-aged foster youth and caregivers in New York City

    Foster Youth USA Awarded: March, 2023
  • The Center for Fair Futures
    $1,680,000 through March, 2026

    for The Center for Fair Futures, a project of the Fund of the City of New York Inc., to expand implementation, TA, and evaluation; and launch an innovation arm to identify gaps and pilot transition-aged youth-wellbeing projects alongside youth leaders

    Foster Youth USA Awarded: March, 2023
  • Foster Care Excellence Fund
    $1,000,000 through December, 2023

    for the Foster Care Excellence Fund, a project of the Community Foundation of New Jersey, to support joint projects to benefit transition-aged foster youth and youth advocacy, a shared learning agenda, and public-private partnerships in New York City

    Foster Youth USA Awarded: December, 2022
  • Union of Indigenous Womens Congregations of Francophone West Africa (ANIMA UNA)
    $400,000 through November, 2024

    to provide formation for 50 Superior Generals, 120 Catholic sisters in leadership and 150 formators on curriculum grounded on the Pope’s encyclicals of Fratelli Tutti, Laudato Si, Africae Munus, and Vita Consecrata

    Catholic Sisters Africa Awarded: November, 2022
  • Arise Foundation America Inc.
    $810,000 through November, 2025

    to expand the pilot of the Mel App to help sisters collect data and document their work on service provision, areas of need and ways to mitigate human trafficking and pilot a sisters anti-slavery and human trafficking award

    Catholic Sisters Global Awarded: November, 2022
  • Higher Catholic Pedagogical Institute
    $425,000 through November, 2025

    to provide scholarships for 40 diocesan nuns from the Democratic Republic of Congo through the Higher Catholic Pedagogical Institute

    Catholic Sisters Africa Awarded: November, 2022
  • Promise Venture Studio
    $1,495,000 through October, 2025

    for Promise Venture Studio, a project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, Inc., to accelerate innovations that strengthen prenatal to age 3 early childhood systems in Los Angeles and New Mexico

    Global Early Childhood Development USA Awarded: November, 2022
  • The Catholic Institute of West Africa
    $300,000 through May, 2024

    to create and implement an online distance learning theology program for 225 Catholic sisters in West Africa

    Catholic Sisters Africa Awarded: November, 2022
  • The Association of the Consecrated Women in Eastern and Central Africa
    $1,000,000 through November, 2025

    to implement a Phase II regional formation program to build the capacity of 150 newly elected congregational leaders, support skills development of 200 formators on emerging issues, and train 120 sisters on chapter facilitation in 10 countries

    Catholic Sisters Africa Awarded: November, 2022