Casa Alianza was founded in 1981 to provide shelter, protection, and rehabilitation for children and teenagers who are abused, abandoned, trafficked, addicted, or left to live on the street.

Casa Alianza (Spanish for “Covenant House”) operates in Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala. In each of these countries, children and teenagers face extraordinary risks. Extreme poverty, violence, abuse, and exploitation force children away from their homes and onto the streets.

Once homeless, these children become an easy target for the growing market of sexual and commercial exploitation, and for rampant gang and organized crime violence. Also, once children find themselves on the streets, highly addictive and harmful substances provide an attractive refuge from their pain.

Advocating for at-risk children and youth in Latin America

Casa Alianza is the home, the voice, and the future of homeless, abused and trafficked children and teenagers in Central America and Mexico.

Casa Alianza Builds Brighter Future

Casa Aliazna offers comprehensive care and services that are designed to address the poverty, violence, and lack of opportunity causing thousands of children to flee from their countries, and offers an open door to children and teens. More than a safe place to sleep, Casa Alianza’s teams of professionals offer all of the services a child might need to reclaim their life and succeed in the world, including medical attention, legal support, education, life skills, traditional and alternative therapies, and employment preparation. All of this care is provided in an atmosphere of absolute respect and unconditional love – the core of the Covenant House mission.

The result? Every year, hundreds of young people are removed from a cycle of poverty and violence, to transform their lives and become active, participating citizens.