The 2016 Catholic Sisters Strategic Initiative convening is now underway. This year’s theme is “Catholic Sisters: Champions of Sustainable Development in Africa.”

For more than a decade, the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC) have been working together in partnership creating innovative ways to meet the educational challenges facing African sisters. Through ASEC initiatives thousands of sisters have grown in their leadership roles and hundreds more are currently pursuing diplomas and degrees at African colleges and universities. The Foundation’s collaboration with sisters in Africa is one element of its broader objective to engage the Catholic sisters in the global partnership for sustainable development. At this convening, we will engage the leadership and wisdom of these women and learn how collaboration with Catholic sisters allows organizations to have a deeper impact on the sustainable development agenda.

The three main themes of the convening are:

  • Networks: to build a community of shared practice among African sisters, the Catholic Church, philanthropy, governments, the non-governmental organizations community and other actors committed to sustainable development in Africa

  • Knowledge: to understand how we might better capture and communicate the impact of our work together

  • Solidarity: to articulate a shared vision and commitment to advance the sustainable development agenda

The next few days will be full of a robust agenda, enlightening speakers, and inspiring discussions. Follow along on social media with the tags #HiltonFoundConvene and #CatholicSisters.