The Future of Humanitarian Action: The Power of Communities

In place of what has been an in-person Prize Ceremony and Symposium, the Hilton Foundation will once again host a virtual Prize Ceremony and an online conversation series in partnership with Devex under the theme The Future of Humanitarian Action: The Power of Communities.

Record forced displacement, growing inequality, catastrophic natural disasters exacerbated by climate change, the fallout from a once-in-a generation global pandemic, and protracted armed conflicts raging on multiple fronts. In this context, is the humanitarian system that exists today fit-for-purpose? This series brings together thought leaders from around the world to discuss these pressing humanitarian issues, and to look at the ways we must build our future together, as well as the unique paradigm shift required to make the shifting and sharing of power a reality. Learn more by visiting The Future of Humanitarian Action series.

The Foundation will announce the 2021 Hilton Humanitarian Prize recipient this August! 

Perspectives on change: Elena Bonometti and Penda Mbaye

Hilton Prize Laureate Tostan’s Elena Bonometti and Penda Mbaye share their views on the need for more participatory, holistic, and locally-centered humanitarian action.

Perspectives on Change: Githinji Gitahi and Patrick Lembwakita

How has the humanitarian sector shifted over the past few decades and what’s needed to further ensure a people-centered approach to aid? Hilton Prize Laureate AmrefHealth Africa’s Dr. Githinji Gitahi and local champion Assistant Chief Patrick Lembwakita weigh in.

Perspectives on Change: David Miliband, IRC and Betty Idde, Togoletta

How has the humanitarian sector evolved in recent years and where does it go from here? Hilton Prize Laureate IRC’s David Miliband and Togoletta’s Betty Idde weigh in.