Our Grantmaking in 2017

This total represents grant payment activity during the selected fiscal year. However, approximately 90% of the money awarded in our priority program areas is part of multi-year commitments, so a grant may appear in multiple years of activity. The list below provides additional information about specific projects approved and/or paid during the fiscal year selected, including the project start date and the length of our commitment.

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  1. Cafe Hope Inc.

    $305,000 through March 2019

    as a capacity building grant for Café Hope, an organization that provides full-service culinary training paired with life skills to youth in the New Orleans metro area.

    Hospitality USA Awarded: March 2017
  2. Jobs for the Future

    $500,000 through June 2018

    to undertake research, policy analysis, and technical assistance to strengthen and build awareness of career pathways in the hospitality industry for New Orleans.

    Hospitality USA Awarded: May 2016
  3. Administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund

    $350,000 through August 2017

    to support the development of hospitality career pathways for opportunity youth in New Orleans.

    Hospitality USA Awarded: May 2016
  4. Nonprofit Enterprise and Self-Sustainability Team Inc

    $70,000 through October 2016

    to better understand the long-term skills development needs of vulnerable youth and the long-term labor needs of the hospitality industry in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    Hospitality International Awarded: April 2016
  5. The Aspen Institute

    $1,300,000 through March 2019

    to coordinate the launch of the 100,000 Opportunities Demonstration Cities and to improve career pathways for foster and opportunity youth in Los Angeles and New Orleans.

    Hospitality USA Awarded: March 2016
  6. Reconcile New Orleans

    $1,350,000 through March 2019

    to create a training program for youth who wish to enter into the hotel industry and to add capacity to the alumni development program.

    Hospitality USA Awarded: March 2016
  7. University of Houston Foundation

    $120,000 through August 2017

    to fund a strategic review of the school's current programming and develop a plan for the future direction of the Conrad N. Hilton College.

    Hospitality USA Awarded: February 2016
  8. University of Houston Foundation

    $1,600,000 through August 2017

    to fund programs in alumni development, marketing, and communications, and encourage matching donations. $1 million of the grant will be used to leverage over $2.5 million in matching donations.

    Hospitality USA Awarded: August 2015
  9. Liberty's Kitchen

    $485,000 through June 2017

    to expand the Youth Development Program, which provides disconnected young people with a path to self-sufficiency through foodservice-based training, mental health, education, and work readiness programs in the New Orleans area.

    Hospitality USA Awarded: November 2014
  10. University of Houston Foundation

    $450,000 through August 2017

    to create a matching fund to motivate prospective donors for the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management's new San Antonio campus.

    Hospitality USA Awarded: August 2013
  11. Elizabeth Pierce Olmsted, MD Center for the Visually Impaired

    $1,000,000 through May 2016

    to support programs for visually impaired and physically disabled individuals desiring career-path employment in the fields of hospitality and customer service at the National Statler Center for Careers in Hospitality Service.

    Hospitality USA Awarded: February 2013
  12. University of Nevada, Las Vegas Foundation

    $1,000,000 through December 2014

    to support the recruitment, retention and professional development of students at the William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration.

    Hospitality USA Awarded: February 2011
  13. University of Houston Foundation

    $7,550,000 through August 2016

    to support Hilton College including ongoing program support, to create a student excellence endowment, to create curriculum and experiential learning endowment.

    Hospitality USA Awarded: May 2010
  14. Cornell University

    $1,000,000 through June 2012

    to establish the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Scholarship fund for undergraduate students in the School of Hotel Administration.

    Hospitality USA Awarded: February 2010