• Uganda National NGO Forum
    $32,500 through December, 2024

    to localize the Agenda 2030 through citizen participation in the Voluntary National Review process

    Partnerships Africa Awarded: March, 2024
  • Spark Health Africa NPC
    $690,000 through February, 2026

    to catalyze implementation of Nurturing Care for early childhood development in Tanzania and Kenya

    Global Early Childhood Development Africa Awarded: March, 2024
  • Special Service for Groups Inc.
    $1,750,000 through March, 2027

    to support increased capacity to assist in the wellbeing of staff and retain talent, and allow for growth in direct service programs and housing intervention options, to meet the needs of people experiencing homelessness in South Los Angeles

    Homelessness USA Awarded: March, 2024
  • Marywood University
    $10,000,000 through March, 2028

    to implement phase IV of the Higher Education for Sisters in Africa program for sisters in multiple countries in Africa

    Catholic Sisters Africa Awarded: March, 2024
  • International Resource for Impact and Storytelling
    $5,000,000 through March, 2027

    for the International Resource for Impact and Storytelling, a project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, Inc., to support a consortium of partners to enable young mothers and their young children to thrive in Kenya, Tanzania, and Mozambique

    Africa Awarded: March, 2024
  • Kisumu Medical and Education Trust
    $3,000,000 through March, 2027

    to strengthen and scale government-led delivery of multisectoral early childhood development services and provide targeted support to adolescent mothers and their young children in Kenya’s Lake Region

    Global Early Childhood Development Africa Awarded: March, 2024
  • D-Tree International Inc.
    $2,700,000 through March, 2027

    to scale, strengthen and institutionalize the national digital community health early childhood development program and immunization services in Zanzibar and Mainland Tanzania

    Global Early Childhood Development Africa Awarded: March, 2024
  • Theirworld
    $2,200,000 through March, 2027

    to provide early childhood development (ECD) advocates the evidence, data, and platforms needed to elevate ECD as a global priority as well as obtain increased financing for ECD

    Global Early Childhood Development Global Awarded: March, 2024
  • Water.Org Inc.
    $2,000,000 through June, 2027

    To improve sustainable and affordable safe water services by providing technical assistance and building the capacity of financial institutions to scale-up pro-poor financial lending to households and small entrepreneurs in rural Uganda.

    Safe Water Africa Awarded: March, 2024
  • Refugee Investment Facility AG
    $1,000,000 through February, 2028

    to make a program-related investment to capitalize a loan fund investing in companies directly impacting refugees and host communities in Uganda and Jordan

    Africa Awarded: March, 2024