The Kidogo Network empowers women entrepreneurs, known as Mamapreneurs, through a quality child care model that supports the success of women and children in Kenya’s lower income communities. The Hilton Foundation partners with Kidogo to expand its successful social franchise model, which gives daycare operators the training and financial support to run a lucrative business that nurtures young children’s healthy growth and development.

Access to quality child care can unlock the potential for both children as well as women, particularly in underserved communities. Children who receive supportive care in their early years experience improved health, growth and development. Within informal settlements in East Africa, access to quality care can have a tremendous impact on a child’s future.

Kidogo is an organization working to improve access to quality, affordable early childhood care and education in East Africa’s lower income communities. This includes identifying, training and supporting female entrepreneurs (Mamapreneurs) to start or grow their own child care businesses. Mamapreneurs receive training and financial support to establish child care businesses that nurture young children’s healthy growth and development, while also generating a sustainable income. The Hilton Foundation partnered with Kidogo in 2017 to expand its successful social franchise model within lower income communities in Kenya. 

Hellen is a thriving Mamapreneur who owns and operates a Kidogo child care center in Nairobi, Kenya. After running an informal daycare for many years, Hellen shares the impact Kidogo’s support has had on her financial well-being, on the mothers who entrust Hellen with their young ones, and on the futures of the young children who now have access to safe, healthy, and nurturing care.

When I joined Kidogo, I came to learn daycare is a business, which you can have income, and which can sustain you.

Hellen Moeri, owner of a Kidogo daycare center
Hellen, a Kidogo child care center owner and Mamapreneur, posing with a child in front of her center. Hellen’s business brings in young children and babies from around the community, providing high-quality care for children in need while also generating a steady income for Hellen and her family.
Hellen engages with a parent outside of her business. With many people in the community working inconsistent jobs, having a secure place for children to grow and thrive is incredibly important.
Kidogo supports Hellen through not only business training, but also through developing an early childhood education curriculum. This means group learning sessions, storytelling time, and vaccine and hygiene services.
All smiles at Kidogo centers. Hellen is filled with joy as she spends time with a child inside her child care center. Hellen’s center is brightly colored and filled with toys to create a positive, fun experience for babies and young kids. Engaging in learning, laughing and playing helps children develop in the early years.