5 Reasons to Nominate an Organization for the Hilton Humanitarian Prize

The nomination period for the 2014 Hilton Humanitarian Prize opens today! The only way for a nonprofit to receive the $1.5 million award is by being nominated, so it’s up to you to serve as an advocate for the good work your favorite organization is doing. If you still need convincing, here are five reasons why you should nominate your favorite charitable organization working anywhere in the world for the Hilton Humanitarian Prize!

5 Reasons to Nominate

1. Organizations need you to tell their story. Our submission guidelines require that a nominating letter be submitted. The strongest letters come from individuals who are intimately connected with the organization they are nominating, either as a volunteer, board member, funder, or beneficiary of the organization’s work, as long as you receive no compensation. The story of what makes it unique and how it’s grown over the years can best be told by you.

2. $1.5 million can go a long way. The Hilton Humanitarian Prize is the largest humanitarian award in the world, and it is unrestricted. This means, since it is not a grant, the funds can be used in any way to benefit the organization. In past years, some recipients have used portions of the funding to launch new initiatives, build capacity, or take risks they couldn’t have accomplished with funding already earmarked for other programs.

3. The Prize spurs growth. Like the Good Housekeeping seal, once an organization receives the Hilton Humanitarian Prize, its profile is raised throughout the nonprofit community simply by adding this honor to its list of accolades.

4. The Hilton Laureates Network. Each year, another recipient is welcomed into the elite Hilton Prize Laureates Collaborative—an independent alliance of the 18 Hilton Prize Laureates working together for collective impact globally.

5. Someone will win. Your favorite organization cannot win unless it is nominated. For eligibility, review the criteria on our website.

How to nominate

The 2014 nomination period will be open from August 8 – September 9, 2013. To nominate an organization, visit our website. Have a question? Check out our FAQ’s for nominators.