• X Prize Foundation Inc
    $1,500,000 through December, 2025

    To provide funding for the prize purse and operating budget support for XPRIZE Wildfire, a new competition that aims to catalyze the development of a technological solution for detecting and extinguishing a wildfire autonomously.

    Disaster Relief & Recovery International Awarded: June, 2022
  • Western Center on Law and Poverty
    $1,400,000 through June, 2025

    To support implementation of the California Momnibus Bill (SB 65); expand access to Home Visitation; and provide resources for pregnant and parenting students and educational institutions.

    Global Early Childhood Development USA Awarded: June, 2022
  • Loyola University
    $545,000 through June, 2025

    to provide sisters with ongoing formation in spirituality and elder care, and document their stories as part of a communications campaign to preserve the rich legacy of sisters' service in the South and increase awareness and support for their ministries.

    Catholic Sisters USA Awarded: June, 2022
  • Friends of the Pan-African Network, Inc.
    $250,000 through June, 2024

    to expand engagement of consecrated women in Africa by creating a network of 205 Catholic sisters to support religious life through theological, pastoral and intercultural reflection and action and partnership with higher education institutions.

    Catholic Sisters International Awarded: June, 2022
  • Catholic Church Extension Society of USA
    $300,000 through December, 2023

    to support networks of Catholic sisters as they attend to the needs of children and families impacted by the May 2022 shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

    Catholic Sisters USA Awarded: June, 2022
  • Kisumu Medical and Education Trust
    $50,000 through September, 2022

    To support the documentation of the Smart Start Siaya County ECD governance and service delivery process including case studies in Kenya.

    Global Early Childhood Development International Awarded: June, 2022
  • Southern California Center for Nonprofit Management
    $200,000 through December, 2023

    To support the LA County Nonprofit Economic Resiliency Equity in Contracting Project.

    Partnerships USA Awarded: June, 2022
  • Share Trust Inc.
    $500,000 through June, 2023

    For continued support to the Local Coalition Accelerator (LCA) to shift bi- and multi-lateral funding more directly to local organizations.

    Partnerships International Awarded: June, 2022
  • EPIC-Africa Foundation
    $500,000 through June, 2024

    To support the development of an African CSO platform.

    Partnerships International Awarded: June, 2022
  • WaterAid America, Inc.
    $1,490,000 through June, 2023

    To increase awareness and understanding of policymakers and thought leaders of what is financially and politically required for increased access to safely managed water in health care facilities.

    Safe Water International Awarded: June, 2022