A Timeframe for the Transition

We desire to transition this work as thoughtfully and respectfully as possible. To that end, we are exploring the best potential endowment funding, as well as grantee partners to help fulfill our phase-out of MS research and patient services, the majority of which happens in 2019, and full completion by 2022.

Objectives of the Transition

Our time as a partner in Multiple Sclerosis work has brought many successes and learnings. To transition appropriately, we are working with two key objectives in mind:

  1. Preserve the work of key partners for research partners: The Foundation is exploring responsible ways to continue support for key research programs and partners (such as the bridging award for physician-scientists).
  2. Identify potential funders and stakeholders: For us, leaving the areas of Multiple Sclerosis research and patient services with minimal disruption means taking an active role in encouraging the next generation of funding partners and stakeholders to support and join the field.

Please visit the Transitioning Program Areas page for more information.