Accelerating the coverage of reliable access to safe and affordable water services

Ensuring access to sustainable high-quality water services that meet communities’ true needs will require a new approach and outlook on implementation. The Foundation will make investments in three inter-related focus areas: 1) advancing proven and promising solutions and models, 2) strengthening water governance and in-country systems, and 3) building and disseminating credible and actionable evidence. These three approaches will be applied in an integrated way within the countries where we work in sub-Saharan Africa. By doing so, we seek to accelerate the coverage of reliable access to safe and affordable water for households, health facilities and schools in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali, Niger and Uganda.

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Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Awards Nearly $20 Million in Grants in the Third Quarter of 2016, Announces New Safe Water Strategy

The board of directors of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation announced today that it approved $19.53 million in grants during the third quarter of 2016, including $9.5 million across Safe Water Network, World Vision and PATH in support of a new strategic approach for the Hilton Foundation’s Safe Water program area.


Millennium Water Alliance

To increase access to safe water for an additional 300,000 people in rural Ethiopia, and to strengthen the capacity of government to manage existing water supply assets and deliver reliable safe water services to 3.2 million people in 23 districts.

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External Resources

We recommend visiting the following partners and external resources that are important to our work:

  • Project

    WaterCredit puts microfinance to work in the water, sanitation and hygiene sector.

    By connecting financial institutions to communities in developing countries in need of clean water and toilets, small loans are then made to individuals and households. As loans are repaid, they can be redeployed to additional people in need of safe water, reducing the need for subsidies, which can then be freed up to help those who need it most.

  • Project

    Overview of IRC's Triple-S Ghana project

    Triple-S (Sustainable Services at Scale) is a six-year, multi-country learning initiative to improve water supply to the rural poor. Triple-S Ghana in collaboration with the Community Water and Sanitation Agency (CWSA), the governmental agency responsible for rural water and related sanitation, and the host institution for Triple-S in Ghana, have collaborated on a number of studies on issues of interest to the sector.

  • Project is a unique source of data and information for donors, policymakers, and other stakeholders interested in water, sanitation, and hygiene. The site was created by our partner, the Foundation Center, as a one-stop-shop for funding and needs-related data and information.

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