Improving the growth and development outcomes for young children affected by HIV and AIDS in East and Southern Africa.

The landscape for early childhood development (ECD) for vulnerable children affected by HIV and AIDS has dramatically changed over the last few years. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) include early childhood development (target 4.2) and the World Bank has called for prioritization of ECD to enable countries to compete in the new global economy. There is also unprecedented support for moving from child survival to ensuring children survive and thrive. Investments in ECD for all children will not only boost future economic prosperity, but may also improve prospects for longer-term peace and security.

The Foundation is making integrated investments in five countries in East and Southern Africa in three focus areas:


1) Advancing proven and promising approaches to improve caregiving and early learning; 2) Strengthening systems through integration and collaboration; and 3) Building and disseminating credible evidence to improve practice and policy.

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Inside Our 2019 Young Children Affected by HIV and AIDS Convening

Inside Our Young Children Affected by HIV and AIDS Convening


Mothers2Mothers International, Inc.

Mothers2Mothers International, Inc., seeks to integrate early childhood development within a peer support model for HIV-affected women in Malawi.

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