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With a commitment to sustainable human development, we identify select priority program areas, establish clear goals, collaborate with our partners to create coherent strategies to achieve those goals, support effective implementation, and establish relevant indicators to gauge progress and inform improvement. We believe it is important to be transparent and accountable for what we do.

We work with key established partners in the field and also pilot new solutions, understand unmet needs, advance knowledge in the field, and catalyze long term change. We support this work through our leadership, traditional grants, program-related investments, and our annual Hilton Humanitarian Prize. We look for innovative ways to leverage our funds. While the majority of these funds are directed toward achieving strategic goals, we do reserve some resources for discretionary and responsive grants.

We believe we can have the greatest impact by leveraging our flexibility, solutions-focus, and ability to make big bets in partnership with existing systems such as government, civil society, the private sector, other funders and providers in the communities they serve. We recognize that working alone, our investments —and even the financial resources of all philanthropy—are insufficient to solve large-scale issues. We see opportunity in aligning ourselves with visions and platforms that foster collaboration – such as the Sustainable Development Goals and similar community-wide frameworks – and participating in action networks that seek to accomplish those goals. The nimble funding afforded by philanthropy allows us to contribute to areas that are traditionally underfunded, take risks, make bold investments, convene partners, and catalyze transformative change.

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