Philanthropic Approach

What We Do

Guided by our values, we identify select priority program areas, establish clear goals, collaborate with our partners to create coherent strategies to achieve those goals, support effective implementation, and establish relevant indicators to gauge progress and inform improvement. We believe our goals should be rooted in the vision of our founding donors to improve the lives of the vulnerable, with the ultimate objective of a society that has left no one behind. Furthermore, we believe it is important to be transparent and accountable for what we do.

How We Do It

While each strategic initiative in the Foundation operates in distinct, dynamic environments with varying goals and methods, our overarching philanthropic approach employs three key and intentionally inter-related channels to achieve impact:

  • Supporting programs and solutions allows the Foundation to sustain and test recognized and exploratory approaches.

  • Investing in knowledge development and dissemination creates opportunities to improve policy and practice through continuous learning and building evidence about each sector as a whole, unmet needs in service, best practices, and innovative approaches.

  • Foundation investments in strengthening systems support efforts to scale solutions, improve public policy and infrastructure, and drive funders, providers and public leaders to invest resources and improve efficiencies toward shared goals.

We believe the flexible combination of these three approaches responds to community needs, fosters innovation, and maximizes the impact of the Foundation’s investments.