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Conrad Hilton

Grounded by humble beginnings, Conrad N. Hilton dreamed big, thought big and acted big – building a worldwide hotel empire. Central to Conrad’s spiritual foundation was an enduring commitment to the “supreme virtue” of charity that “binds all men in one great brotherhood.” Conrad’s son, Barron, carried on his father’s work and the two shared a vision of a humanitarian foundation that worked to improve the lives of those in poverty and experiencing disadvantage around the world, with the ultimate objective of a society that has left no one behind.

Today, the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation seeks to exemplify the values and principles practiced by our founders: Integrity, Thinking Big, Humility, Stewardship and Compassion. We incorporate these values not only into our workplace culture, but also into our philanthropic activities. We look at long-term outcomes, and value collaboration as a means to achieve them.