Justin McAuliffe

Program Associate, Special Programs

Justin McAuliffe

Justin McAuliffe helps to manage the special programs activities of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, including department-wide initiatives, non-traditional grantmaking and family philanthropy. He is responsible for monitoring current grants and supporting the development, review and presentation of grant proposals, for consideration by the Foundation board of directors. Prior to joining the Hilton Foundation, McAuliffe worked in digital marketing designing and building websites for corporate clients, and has also previously worked for Grameen America, helping to promote a social awareness campaign around their microlending activities in the US. He holds an undergraduate degree from the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, and a certificate in International Relations from New York University.

Posts by Justin McAuliffe

  1. Our News

    The Virtue of Patience in Philanthropy: Progress in the Fight Against Blinding Trachoma

    Avoidable Blindness December 7, 2017 By Justin McAuliffe, Rachel Huguet

    The Virtue of Patience in Philanthropy: Progress in the Fight Against Blinding Trachoma

  2. Our News

    Our New Approach to Funding Hospitality Workforce Development

    Hospitality October 19, 2015 By Elizabeth Cheung, Justin McAuliffe

    The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation has a long history of grantmaking in support of education for the hospitality industry. Acknowledging that the hospitality industry has changed, we recently revised our funding guidelines for our Hospitality Program. Learn how our new guidelines align with our overarching mission of improving the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged people around the world.

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    How Exercise Can Improve the Lives of MS Patients

    Multiple Sclerosis May 26, 2015 By Justin McAuliffe

    Researchers have recently discovered a strong link between physical exercise and the prevention or delay of neuro-degenerative symptoms, which include a breakdown of motor skills and mental capacity in patients suffering from debilitating neuro-diseases such as MS.

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    Making a Lasting Impact on MS Research Funding

    Multiple Sclerosis March 10, 2015 By Justin McAuliffe

    The Foundation has based its MS medical research funding on the belief that philanthropy can fill vital funding gaps and push forward innovation that may lead to paradigm-shifting breakthroughs.

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    Funding innovation to create lasting change in MS research

    Multiple Sclerosis November 25, 2014 By Justin McAuliffe

    This year, we launched the Marilyn Hilton Award for Innovation in MS Research with the goal of stimulating innovative and potentially paradigm-shifting research in the field of progressive MS.