Angelina Soll

Angelina McCormick Soll is a Ventura County native, having grown up in Santa Paula and now residing in Ventura with her husband and busy three-year-old. She received a Bachelor’s degree with distinction in Psychology from UC Berkeley, a Master’s in Social Work from UCLA and returned home to Ventura County shortly after completing her education. Having worked in public and nonprofit settings as a licensed clinical social worker, Soll has provided therapeutic services to children and their families, developed an innovative therapeutic preschool program, conducted assessments for children entering the child welfare system, and trained many staff to implement early childhood mental health evidenced based practices. Soll has worked to develop and implement trauma informed support services for foster/resource caregivers, expand recruitment and support efforts for teens in care, and supported local implementation of Resource Family Approval, the Quality Parenting Initiative, and Continuum of Care Reform. Most recently, Soll has managed the day-to-day operations of a public mental health clinic serving children and families. She brings more than a decade of  micro and clinical experience to the team and to support the national macro level work of the Foster Youth initiative. When she’s not working-or chasing her threenager, Soll enjoys yoga, cycling and fitness, all things food, the outdoors and live music.