1. Report

    Roles for Philanthropy in the Humanitarian Sector

    Disaster Relief & Recovery August 17, 2017 By Dalberg Global Development Advisors

    The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation commissioned Dalberg Global Development Advisors to provide a high level overview of the humanitarian landscape as it stands in early 2017 and outline potential roles through which philanthropies can contribute to the sector.

  2. Report

    The World Humanitarian Summit - A Pivot Point in Philanthropy’s Contribution to Addressing Humanitarian Crises

    Disaster Relief & Recovery May 25, 2016 By Regine A. Webster and William Paton

    This paper calls on the philanthropic community to take advantage of the opportunity offered by the first World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) in Istanbul in May 2016 to make important changes in the way it contributes its share of the global response to humanitarian crises.

  3. In Practice Paper

    In Practice: Response to Hurricane Katrina

    Disaster Relief & Recovery July 21, 2012 By Juliet Page and Pam Stevens

    Juliet Page and Pam Stevens delves into lessons learned from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation's multiyear support of disaster relief and recovery efforts in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.

  4. In Practice Paper

    In Practice: Philanthropic Grantmaking for Disasters

    Disaster Relief & Recovery December 20, 2011 By Dr. William Paton

    Dr. William Paton looks at two decades of Hilton Foundation grantmaking for disaster relief and recovery