Children everywhere deserve an opportunity to lead fulfilling lives – to survive, develop and thrive throughout childhood and adolescence and to reach their full potential. Adolescent girls are worthy of opportunity and agency to lead their lives in the way they choose. This should remain true for those who become mothers. And yet, adolescent mothers and their young children (ages 0–3) are uniquely vulnerable, often invisible to funders, policymakers and NGOs and shunned by their families and communities.

By listening to and amplifying young mothers’ voices in Kenya, Mozambique and Tanzania, In Her Words takes a first step toward ensuring opportunity for young mothers and nurturing care for their children. Grounded in the perspectives of nearly 200 young mothers in Kenya, Mozambique and Tanzania, In Her Words offers a framework for funders, policy makers, program designers and other power holders to take a two-generation approach to promoting nurturing care for children aged 0–3 and expanding opportunities and the realization of human rights for young mothers. 

Explore the executive summary of the research, the reports upon which the executive summary is based, and country briefs for Kenya, Mozambique and Tanzania.