Over the past two years, Los Angeles has demonstrated unprecedented political will and strategic effort towards addressing the thousands of families and individuals experiencing homelessness. One key component of these efforts is to significantly increase the pipeline of new permanent supportive housing (PSH), affordable housing options coupled with supportive services, to break the homelessness cycle and help vulnerable individuals get off the street. Historically, the number of PSH units being developed across Los Angeles has not been nearly enough to meet the overwhelming demand.

To ensure the successful development of new PSH, private foundations are investing significant resources to support the construction of PSH that will move thousands of Angelenos experiencing chronic homelessness into stable and safe homes. This group is committed to making a series of key grant and lending investments and developing specific strategies to make increased PSH projects a reality for all of Los Angeles County. To date, the group has focused on both preparing PSH developers to effectively utilize public funds and create high-quality housing, as well as providing upfront investments to leverage public monies.