Conrad N. Hilton’s will specified that he wished to “give aid to… the Sisters, who devote their love and life’s work for the good of mankind, for they appeal especially to me as deserving help from the Foundation… It is my wish… to have the largest part of your benefactions dedicated to the Sisters in all parts of the world.”

Catholic sisters are selfless leaders who serve disadvantaged and vulnerable people in some of the most challenging contexts in the world. Sisters are trusted community-based leaders who solve complex social problems. More than 700,000 sisters across the globe educate children, care for the vulnerable, stand with the oppressed, promote peace, and advocate for justice. With ministries at the heart of human development efforts and with a commitment to serve people from all walks and life and religious beliefs, Catholic sisters are uniquely positioned to be recognized as among the most trusted and effective leaders in meeting the global promise to end poverty by 2030 and beyond – a component of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.