Supporting Africa’s smallholder farmers to build prosperous, resilient communities.

Investing in prosperous, resilient communities

Founded in 2006, One Acre Fund is an agricultural service provider that supports Africa’s smallholder farmers in building prosperous, resilient communities. More than 50 million families in sub-Saharan Africa earn a living from small farms, which produce 80% of the continent’s food. Yet harvests from these farms continue to lag behind the rest of the world—while recent global economic volatility and climate concerns pose an existential threat to farmers’ livelihoods.

One Acre Fund invests in farmers to help them build lasting pathways to prosperity and resilience in the face of external shocks. Through its full-service program, One Acre Fund directly provides smallholder farmers with the financing, tools, and climate-smart agricultural training they need to increase yields and profits, grow their way out of hunger, protect their environments, and create thriving economies. Simultaneously, the organization partners with public and private actors to help improve their service to smallholders, improving the functioning of entire agricultural systems, for instance, for seed production or farmer training.

Scaling reach for greater impact

One Acre Fund’s aim is to ensure that all farmers the organization serves can achieve big harvests, healthy families, and rich soils. On average, the farmers One Acre Fund serves increase their farm incomes by more than 40% per year from the same plot of land. They produce a surplus, often for the first time, which can be sold for profit. When smallholder farmers become more productive, they can invest in their children’s education, start new businesses, help feed their communities, and create thriving, resilient economies.

One Acre Fund now reaches a network of four million farm families through its direct service program and partnerships across nine countries. One Acre Fund’s work is more critical than ever as Africa’s vulnerable smallholder families bear the brunt of mounting global crises of food insecurity, poverty and climate change.