Supporting the reception and integration of nearly one million refugees and migrants throughout Greece since 2009.

Supporting refugees and migrants

With over 25 years of experience in the humanitarian field, Lora Pappa founded METAdrasi – Action for Migration and Development in 2009 when she encountered crucial gaps in the delivery of basic humanitarian services for refugees, migrants and unaccompanied children who had arrived in Greece.

Based in Greece, METAdrasi’s mission is to support the reception and integration of refugees and migrants throughout the country with consistency, efficiency and the flexibility to adjust to needs as they emerge. METAdrasi is rooted in the belief that refugees and migrants should be treated with dignity and respect, empowered to exercise their rights to services, and provided protection when seeking asylum.

Local approach with innovative solutions

METAdrasi has developed a host of pioneering programs—primarily focused on interpretation, protection and education—to support the needs of unaccompanied minors and other vulnerable groups entering Greece. To date, METAdrasi has conducted over 1.4 million interpreting sessions and has supported more than 12,000 unaccompanied children.

In seeking innovative solutions for complicated problems, METAdrasi leads the charge in areas where essential services are lacking, centered on the belief that migrants and refugees are a valuable part of our shared future and our shared humanity.