• World Vision
    $4,750,000 through November, 2026

    To extend the Safe Water Enterprise model to more systems in Asutifi North, expand service delivery to Asunafo North, and co-design and pilot a drinking water sustainability fund for the rural water sector.

    Safe Water Africa Awarded: November, 2023
  • Uptime Catalyst Facility
    $5,000,000 through December, 2026

    To scale-up performance-based contracting for safe water service delivery and influence regional and global financing of rural water services.

    Safe Water Global Awarded: November, 2023
  • WSUP Advisory CIC
    $4,000,000 through March, 2028

    To continue supporting the Mid-Western Umbrella to deliver sustainable safe water services to underserved rural populations and advocate for a national enabling environment for sustainable and equitable safe water.

    Safe Water Africa Awarded: November, 2023
  • Mercy Corps
    $800,000 through December, 2024

    to conduct assessments in three target woredas to determine the viability of a public-private partnership to improve water supply services to vulnerable rural populations in Amhara, Ethiopia

    Safe Water Africa Awarded: September, 2023
  • Institute for Ecological Civilization
    $420,000 through August, 2025

    To conduct a landscape assessment of WASH NGOs in Ethiopia, Ghana and Uganda and to provide technical assistance to a select number of shortlisted NGOs to prepare them for international grant funding

    Safe Water Africa Awarded: August, 2023
  • Water Institute at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    $100,000 through January, 2024

    To support events related to water quality, including lead-free drinking water, at the 2023 Water and Health Conference and ensure key stakeholders from low- and middle-income countries can meaningfully participate in the Conference

    Safe Water Global Awarded: August, 2023
  • Ahafo Regional Coordinating Council
    $100,000 through July, 2024

    To replicate district WASH master planning in Asutifi South and Tano South, to harmonize district WASH master plans from all districts in Ahafo Region into a regional master plan, and to attend the UNC Water and Health Conference to share lessons learned

    Safe Water Africa Awarded: August, 2023
  • Bahir Dar Institute of Technology
    $250,000 through October, 2026

    To support education on water quality at Bahir Dar University in Ethiopia

    Safe Water Africa Awarded: August, 2023
  • Water for People
    $46,000 through January, 2024

    To provide capacity building support to local organizations to help mobilize additional funds for the implementation of water resources management activities

    Safe Water Africa Awarded: July, 2023
  • MAPLE Consult
    $865,000 through September, 2024

    To support a feasibility study in Ghana that will equip the public sector with tools to engage in public private partnerships that provide safe water to vulnerable populations

    Safe Water Africa Awarded: July, 2023