• Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
    $2,415,000 through August, 2025

    To provide technical assistance to the Government of Tanzania to integrate nurturing care into the health system at the national and regional level.

    Global Early Childhood Development International Awarded: August, 2022
  • Santa Fe Community College Foundation
    $1,742,000 through August, 2025

    To create a Student Parent Resource Hub at Santa Fe Community College; improvethe infant/toddler teacher pipeline; and build the evidence for New Mexico’s home visitation model.

    Global Early Childhood Development USA Awarded: August, 2022
  • Oxfam-America, Inc.
    $3,250,000 through August, 2025

    To strengthen refugee leadership and local humanitarian leadership advocacy in the Horn of Africa, as well as globally.

    Refugees International Awarded: August, 2022
  • Village of Wisdom, Inc.
    $1,000,000 through August, 2024

    for general operating support.

    Equity Fund USA Awarded: August, 2022
  • Catholic University of Eastern Africa
    $2,200,000 through August, 2025

    to build capacity of 40 Catholic sisters on evidenced based data generation and dissemination to serve as trainer of trainers in two countries, strengthen the data repository hub and initiate two longitudinal studies on sisters and their apostolic work.

    Catholic Sisters International Awarded: August, 2022
  • Gregorian University Foundation
    $1,600,000 through August, 2025

    to continue providing discerning leadership and management capacity development for senior Vatican officials, and leaders of Catholic sister’s religious orders and emerging Church leaders.

    Catholic Sisters International Awarded: August, 2022
  • The Catholic Health Association of India
    $1,600,000 through August, 2024

    to continue building the capacity of 25 healthcare delivery institutions and 200 Catholic sisters’ leadership, resource management and community health delivery skills through training and technology platforms in India.

    Catholic Sisters International Awarded: August, 2022
  • Catholic Caritas Foundation of Nigeria
    $2,500,000 through August, 2024

    to partner with four congregations of Catholic sisters to build capacity for sustainable livelihoods for 20,000 direct beneficiaries in 4,000 households in two states Ekiti and Lagos, Nigeria.

    Catholic Sisters International Awarded: August, 2022
  • Catholic Charities Diocese of San Diego
    $2,700,000 through August, 2024

    to grow the Faith in Action Network, a partnership between Catholic sisters and Catholic Charities in San Diego that weaves outreach ministries into a safety net of support that ensures the ‘whole person well-being’ of vulnerable community members.

    Catholic Sisters USA Awarded: August, 2022
  • Sisters of Mercy of the Americas
    $2,700,000 through August, 2025

    to develop the financial sustainability of the Leadership Collaborative and bolster its formation programs that prepare 425 sisters and associates to be skilled leaders able to navigate the evolving context of modern religious life.

    Catholic Sisters USA Awarded: August, 2022