Our Grantmaking in 2017

  • Catholic Sisters

  • Foster Youth

  • Homelessness

  • Substance Use Prevention

  • Young Children Affected by HIV and AIDS

  • Avoidable Blindness

  • Safe Water

  • Catholic Education

  • Disaster Relief & Recovery

  • Hospitality

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Other

This total represents grant payment activity during the selected fiscal year. However, approximately 90% of the money awarded in our priority program areas is part of multi-year commitments, so a grant may appear in multiple years of activity. The list below provides additional information about specific projects approved and/or paid during the fiscal year selected, including the project start date and the length of our commitment.

  1. Georgetown University

    $990,000 through December 2019

    to continue the development of a platform for cross-sector collaboration to build the capacity and advance the leadership profile of Catholic sisters and the impact of their ministries in Africa.

    Catholic Sisters International Awarded: November 2017
  2. Ministry Leadership Center

    $650,000 through December 2019

    to develop an evaluation and measurement model for formation programs in conjunction with Cornell University and Ascension Health.

    Catholic Sisters USA Awarded: November 2017
  3. Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland

    $750,000 through December 2020

    to build intergenerational capacity and cultural competence among Catholic sisters in the United States through the Collaboration for Ministry Initiative.

    Catholic Sisters USA Awarded: November 2017
  4. Loyola Institute for Ministry

    $600,000 through November 2019

    to provide sisters in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda with graduate-level instruction that will frame the SDGs in terms of Catholic social teaching, and will build capacity for communications and partnership around sustainable human development.

    Catholic Sisters International Awarded: November 2017
  5. Catholic Relief Services

    $2,730,000 through September 2021

    for the second phase of Strengthening the Capacity of Women Religious in Early Childhood Development (SCORE ECD) in Zambia, Kenya, and Malawi.

    Catholic Sisters International Awarded: August 2017
  6. Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose

    $1,000,000 through August 2019

    to expand the reach of the Sisters Leadership Development Initiative-América Latina (SLDI-AL) to Guadalajara and Mexico City while continuing to support alumnae in Tijuana.

    Catholic Sisters International Awarded: August 2017
  7. School Sisters of Notre Dame

    $1,500,000 through August 2020

    to implement the strategic plan for the Religious at the United Nations.

    Catholic Sisters USA Awarded: August 2017
  8. Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

    $840,000 through December 2019

    to support programs and build organizational capacity of the inter-congregational Leadership Collaborative to prepare young sisters for leadership positions.

    Catholic Sisters USA Awarded: May 2017
  9. Africa Faith and Justice Network

    $360,000 through December 2019

    to build the capacity of Catholic sisters to mobilize African women to work for social justice and advance the sustainable development goals in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya.

    Catholic Sisters International Awarded: March 2017