Our Grantmaking in 2017

  • Catholic Sisters

  • Foster Youth

  • Homelessness

  • Substance Use Prevention

  • Young Children Affected by HIV and AIDS

  • Avoidable Blindness

  • Safe Water

  • Catholic Education

  • Disaster Relief & Recovery

  • Hospitality

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Other

This total represents grant payment activity during the selected fiscal year. However, approximately 90% of the money awarded in our priority program areas is part of multi-year commitments, so a grant may appear in multiple years of activity. The list below provides additional information about specific projects approved and/or paid during the fiscal year selected, including the project start date and the length of our commitment.

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  1. Nevada Medical Center, Inc.

    $2,000,000 through December 2019

    to help establish the Nevada Medical Center.

    USA Awarded: November 2014
  2. Emory University

    $2,000,000 through August 2020

    to endow the Conrad N. Hilton Chair in Global Health Ethics at the Emory School of Public Health.

    International Awarded: November 2014
  3. KCRW Foundation, Inc.

    $1,000,000 through June 2018

    to produce multiyear media coverage of issues affecting disadvantaged and vulnerable populations in Los Angeles.

    USA Awarded: November 2014
  4. UNITY of Greater New Orleans, Inc.

    $500,000 through December 2015

    to support the completion of UNITY's third permanent supportive housing development in New Orleans.

    USA Awarded: November 2014
  5. Criminal Justice Legal Foundation

    $1,000,000 through July 2020

    to establish the W. Barron Hilton Endowment to sustain programming in the areas of legal advocacy, public policy and providing a balancing perspective.

    USA Awarded: November 2014
  6. The Draper Richards Foundation

    $1,500,000 through December 2019

    to support the social venture seed fund that will invest in the growth and scaling of 100 social entrepreneurs over the next five years.

    International Awarded: November 2014
  7. Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research

    $5,000,000 through December 2019

    to support the "Nutrition, Early Detection and Prevention of Colorectal Cancer" project.

    International Awarded: November 2014
  8. Water & Sanitation Rotarian Action Group

    $10,000 through March 2015

    to sponsor World Water Summit 6.

    International Awarded: March 2014
  9. FSG, Inc.

    $300,000 through December 2016

    to support the launch of the Collective Impact Forum.

    USA Awarded: March 2014
  10. Thrive Networks Global

    $445,000 through May 2017

    to support Blue Planet Network in its implementation and evaluation of a clean cooking stove initiative for improved community health in rural Uganda.

    International Awarded: November 2013
  11. The Chicago Lighthouse

    $450,000 through November 2016

    to support educational programs for children who are blind and/or have multiple disabilities from age 0-3.

    USA Awarded: November 2013
  12. FXB USA

    $230,000 through May 2013

    to integrate early childhood development activities within the FXB Village Network program in Rwanda and Uganda.

    International Awarded: May 2011
  13. Corporation for Supportive Housing

    $700,000 through June 2013

    to strengthen and expand the permanent supportive housing model and to increase reach and impact nationwide.

    USA Awarded: May 2010