• National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty
    $100,000 through September, 2024

    to support advancing evidence-based policy on housing and homelessness

    Homelessness USA Awarded: March, 2024
  • Join For Water
    $250,000 through November, 2024

    To conduct a scoping study to identify priority water resources management activities and opportunities for sectorial collaboration in the Aswa river basin that serves Lira District.

    Safe Water Africa Awarded: March, 2024
  • Georgia Policy Labs
    $50,000 through March, 2025

    to support Georgia Policy Labs in examining foster youth career pathways and vocational training through Georgia's adult education system

    Foster Youth USA Awarded: March, 2024
  • Instiglio
    $500,000 through September, 2025

    To continue to improve outcomes for refugees in Latin America and Africa by developing and implementing results-based financing approaches.

    Refugees South America Awarded: March, 2024
  • Migration Policy Institute
    $500,000 through August, 2025

    To conduct policy advocacy and create a roadmap for the private sector that support the integration of displaced Venezuelans in labor markets and public services.

    Refugees South America Awarded: March, 2024
  • The Registered Trustees of Tanzania Catholic Association of Sisters (TCAS)
    $250,000 through April, 2026

    to register and support the activities of the anti-trafficking network of Catholic sisters in Tanzania

    Catholic Sisters Africa Awarded: March, 2024
  • Heart Forward LA
    $250,000 through June, 2025

    for Heart Forward LA, a project of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs Inc., to educate policymakers about innovative mental health models for people experiencing homelessness

    USA Awarded: March, 2024
  • Fundación Refugiados Unidos
    $1,000,000 through March, 2026

    To scale impact by providing legal support, livelihoods, and community development to Venezuelan migrants and host communities across Bogota, Boyacá, and Bolivar.

    Refugees South America Awarded: March, 2024
  • Operation Restoration
    $300,000 through August, 2025

    to support a community-based program to train formerly incarcerated young women to become licensed lab assistants and expand connections to employment

    Opportunity Youth USA Awarded: March, 2024
  • Bethany House of Hospitality
    $450,000 through March, 2026

    to provide housing, education, job training and other supportive services for young women and children seeking asylum in the United States

    Catholic Sisters USA Awarded: March, 2024