• Youth Policy Institute of Iowa
    $25,000 through June, 2019

    To support for the Economic Well-Being Work Group of the Youth Transition Funders Group.

    Opportunity Youth USA Awarded: June, 2018
  • Nola Business Alliance
    $1,500,000 through December, 2021

    To build the capacity of the workforce system in the city of New Orleans to better coordinate with the hospitality sector and serve opportunity youth.

    Opportunity Youth USA Awarded: May, 2018
  • Baptist Community Ministries
    $100,000 through December, 2018

    to continue support for an Opportunity Youth Hospitality Pathways Fellow in New Orleans, with a specific emphasis on bridging existing and new local initiatives with new employers.

    Opportunity Youth USA Awarded: November, 2017
  • YouthBuild USA, Inc.
    $250,000 through June, 2019

    to provide a planning grant for a hospitality training program for youth in Tanzania.

    Opportunity Youth International Awarded: November, 2017
  • Foundation for Louisiana
    $300,000 through October, 2020

    to support Youthshift, a new youth services intermediary, to build solutions toward improvement of youth outcomes in New Orleans.

    Opportunity Youth USA Awarded: November, 2017
  • Delgado Community College
    $1,190,000 through December, 2021

    to support the guided hospitality career pathways program.

    Opportunity Youth USA Awarded: November, 2017
  • The Administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund
    $85,000 through November, 2018

    to support EMPLOY and a strategic planning process for its future.

    Opportunity Youth USA Awarded: October, 2017
  • Nonprofit Enterprise and Self-Sustainability Team, Inc.
    $200,000 through October, 2019

    to invest in social enterprises that train disadvantaged youth in the Brazilian hospitality industry.

    Opportunity Youth International Awarded: October, 2017
  • DataKind
    $50,000 through November, 2018

    to work with Delgado Community College to use data to improve outcomes in career education in the hospitality sector.

    Opportunity Youth USA Awarded: September, 2017
  • Liberty's Kitchen
    $1,200,000 through August, 2020

    to fund strategic planning, provide core support and increase organizational capacity.

    Opportunity Youth USA Awarded: August, 2017