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    On a Mission to Count our Homeless Neighbors in Los Angeles

    Homelessness January 31, 2017

    More than 7,500 volunteers embarked on a three-day mission to count our homeless neighbors in Los Angeles.

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    Introducing FosterPort: Resources for Transition Age Foster Youth

    Foster Youth January 23, 2017

    Introducing FosterPort: Website for Transition Age Foster Youth in need of Resources

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    Prize Frequently Asked Questions

    January 1, 2017 By Maggie B. Miller

    Frequently asked questions related to nominations for the Hilton Humanitarian Prize

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    Facing Addiction in America: A Call to Action from the United States Surgeon General

    Substance Use Prevention December 20, 2016 By Sissy Weldon

    Facing Addiction in America: A Call to Action from the Unites States Surgeon General

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    Message from Peter Laugharn: Reflections, Values and Looking Ahead

    December 15, 2016 By Peter Laugharn

    Quarterly Connection December 2016

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    A tribute to Eric Hilton

    December 12, 2016

    Eric M. Hilton, the youngest son of our founder Conrad N. Hilton, passed away in his sleep at his home in Las Vegas.

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