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    Learnings from Foster Youth Parents in New York City and Los Angeles

    Foster Youth September 27, 2016 By Eric Robinson, LMFT

    Learnings from Foster Youth Parents in New York City and Los Angeles

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    National Foster Care Month: Supporting Foster Families

    Foster Youth May 18, 2015 By Emily Skehan

    We recognize that foster families are key to our strategy's goal of ensuring that foster youth transition to healthy, productive adulthoods.

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    Foster Youth and Technology

    Foster Youth February 5, 2015 By Jeannine Balfour

    Jesse Hahnel of National Council on Youth Law led the discussion on the use of technology as it relates to foster youth and the organizations who serve them.

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    National Foster Care Month: Learning from Research

    Foster Youth May 6, 2014 By Emily Skehan

    Each May, National Foster Care Month provides an opportunity for us to reflect and act on the year-round needs of American youth in foster care.

  5. Press Release

    Groundbreaking Report Shows 20 Percent of Teenage Mothers In Los Angeles County are Victims of Abuse, One in Four Teen Girls in Foster Care Give Birth

    Foster Youth November 12, 2013 By Marc Moorghen

    Conrad N. Hilton Foundation funds landmark report using data linkages on youth in the child welfare system leading to key new insights regarding teen births.

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    Foster Care in the News: Tragedy and Hope

    Foster Youth August 29, 2013 By Emily Skehan

    The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation is honored to work alongside nonprofit service providers, advocacy organizations, and researchers who strive to improve the lives of older foster youth in Los Angeles County and New York City.

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    Celebrating National Foster Care Month

    Foster Youth May 24, 2013 By Jeannine Balfour

    May is National Foster Care Month, a time set aside to acknowledge those who work to provide safe and successful futures for the more than 400,000 children and youth in foster care across the United States.

  8. Press Release

    Los Angeles County Foster Care Youth Study Reinforces New State Policy That Keeps Young Adults In Program Until Age 21

    Foster Youth November 9, 2011 By Marc Moorghen

    A first-ever study of foster care youth in Los Angeles County released today shows that these individuals are faring poorly under the current system and face severe challenges in education, employment, health, mental health and earnings potential.

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