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Prize Frequently Asked Questions

By Maggie B. Miller, Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, January 1, 2017

Frequently asked questions related to nominations for the Hilton Humanitarian Prize

Nominator questions

What do I need to do to submit a nomination?

The nomination period for the 2018 Prize will be from September 20 to October 18, 2017. To nominate an organization or check on the status of your nomination, please visit our online nominations page. Also, sign up for updates to be notified of Hilton Prize news here.

What information should be included in the nominating letter?

The Hilton Humanitarian Prize is awarded based on achievements, rather than future goals. Therefore, the letter of nomination should focus on what the organization has accomplished. Key areas that are evaluated include: extraordinary contributions toward alleviating human suffering, an established record of achievement covering at least five years, innovation in program design, demonstration of effective partnerships, organizational capacity and administrative efficiency, ability to serve as a model for other nonprofits and demonstration of long-term sustainable impact.

To whom do I address my nomination letter?

The nomination letter itself should be addressed to the “Hilton Humanitarian Prize Jury” and uploaded online. You must scan the letter as a PDF document or include an electronic signature in your Word file.

How will I be informed of the status of my nomination?

Each nominator will receive a letter from the Humanitarian Prize team confirming receipt of his or her nomination. Our independent international jury will meet during the following spring to select the Prize recipient. All nominators will be notified in writing of the outcome of the Prize selection in the summer of the year the Prize is awarded.

Can I nominate an organization of which I am a board member?

You may nominate an organization for which you serve on the board, provided that you do not receive compensation for your services. However, you may not nominate an organization if you are its founder.

What if I do not have informational materials for the organization I am nominating?

The nominee will be asked to complete the organization’s application online and will provide us with materials directly.

How many organizations can I nominate in the same year?

While nominators can nominate more than one organization per year, we strongly encourage one nomination focused on one organization per year.

Is there a limit to the number of times one individual can nominate the same organization?

No. An individual can nominate the same organization year after year if s/he wishes.

Nominee questions

Can a board member of our organization nominate us?

A board member of your organization can be a nominator, provided that he or she does not receive compensation for his or her services. However, an organization’s founder may not nominate its own organization.

We know of multiple people who would like to nominate our organization. How should we proceed?

Each nomination can only have one nominator. However, if you are aware of several people who wish to nominate you, we recommend identifying the person you wish to be the main nominator. Once they submit a letter and you are sent the link requesting more information, on the very last page there is a place to upload additional documents that we did not request. This would be the place to upload additional letters of support if you have them and would like them added to the nomination. Again, you will have one nominator for your application, but the additional letters of support will be placed in your file.

Does our organization need to have programs in several countries in order to be considered for the Humanitarian Prize?

No. Each year we receive nominations for eligible organizations that work in anywhere from one to more than 100 countries. Even an organization that works in a single country may present a model for humanitarian work that merits visibility and replication in other parts of the world.

If my organization is nominated for the Prize, when and how will we be notified if we are selected as the recipient?

Our independent international jury meets each spring to select the next year’s Prize recipient. All nominees will be notified in writing as to the outcome of the Prize selection in the summer of the year the Prize is awarded.

How many organizations are nominated for the Humanitarian Prize each year?

Typically, up to 200 organizations are nominated for the Hilton Humanitarian Prize each year.

If you have a question that is not listed above, please contact the Prize department online or by telephone at 818.851.3700.

Maggie B. Miller Twitter

Director, Hilton Humanitarian Prize

Maggie B. Miller Twitter

Director, Hilton Humanitarian Prize

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