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This National Prevention Week, We’re Making Each Day Count

May 15, 2017

National Prevention Week, which takes place from May 14 to May 20, is an annual health observance dedicated to increasing public awareness of, and action around, mental and or substance use disorders. This year’s theme is, “Making Each Day Count.”

Brain development makes youth particularly vulnerable to the development of substance use disorders. Drinking and other substance use in youth and young adults does not always lead to disorders, but youth who drink or use other substances before age 21 are much more likely to develop substance use disorders in adulthood. Recognizing that youth and young adults are especially vulnerable to developing substance use disorders, the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation’s Substance Use Prevention Strategic Initiative’s focuses on innovative prevention and early intervention approaches to help limit experimentation and reduce risky behavior before serious social and health problems develop.

National Prevention Week is an opportunity to highlight the importance of prevention for young people, as this time of year is often a time of transition with the end of the school year. In support of National Prevention Week, learn why prevention is critical, cost-effective and essential for youth in this report and infographic (pictured below) that our partner, the National Council for Behavioral Health, developed.

Infographic by the National Council for Behavioral Health.

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