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Recognizing the Power of Collaboration on World Water Day

March 22, 2017

On today, World Water Day, we recognize that while there is much more progress to make, we also have reasons to celebrate.

Senior Program Officer Chris Dunston speaks at Safe Water Network's fifth "Beyond the Pipe" forum in Accra, Ghana. Photo courtesy of the Safe Water Network.

Our staff, Senior Program Officer Chris Dunston and Program Associate Andrea Jones, have just returned from Africa where they attended Safe Water Network’s fifth “Beyond the Pipe” Forum in Accra, Ghana. The objective of this forum was to make the financial case for the scaling up of small water enterprises as a vital component in addressing the 8.2 million Ghanaians, which make up 30 percent of the country’s population, who lack access to safe, affordable, reliable water. At the forum, Dunston emphasized that despite marked progress, there remains a significant need in Ghana for safe water access. He highlighted the Foundation’s long-term commitment to Ghana and shared our reasoning behind supporting small water enterprises as a proven solution.

In addition to the successful forum in Accra, we are also pleased to announce an exciting milestone in our work at a recent workshop that took place in Asutifi North District Assembly (ANDA) in Ghana, representing the launch of our long-term district-level program with IRC, Safe Water Network, and now, World Vision. This pilot project seeks to leverage resources and expertise from stakeholders to support the design of a master plan, and cost for achieving universal coverage of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). The goal is to make ANDA a model district, and allow for the results of the pilot to inform how WASH activities will be carried out in other districts throughout Ghana. The District Planning Officer for ANDA, Ata-Era A. James, described the project as a dream come true and expressed hope that it gives meaning to the district’s commitment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 6 by ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation interventions.

We are proud to partner with these collaborative organizations to lay the foundation for a longer-term collective impact initiative for 100 percent WASH coverage.

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