1. External Report

    Selected Works of Dennis Culhane

    Homelessness February 26, 2015 From Penn
  2. Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

    Human Sciences Research Council Newsletter

    In this issue we recap on our 2nd Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Iniatitive Convening which was held in Nairobi from the 9-11 February; we take a look at the upcoming Science of Early Childhood Development courses that will be offered in 2015 for Hilton Foundation-funded partners; and we review a paper on 6 key findings on the use of theories of change in international development.

  3. External Report

    Continuous quality improvement (CQI)

    Safe Water January 19, 2015 From WaSH Continuous Quality Improvement
  4. External Report

    Joint Monitoring Program of the World Health Organization and UNICEF Update Report

    Safe Water January 1, 2015 From UNICEF and World Health Organization 2015