Our Grantmaking in 2017

  • Catholic Sisters

  • Foster Youth

  • Homelessness

  • Substance Use Prevention

  • Young Children Affected by HIV and AIDS

  • Avoidable Blindness

  • Safe Water

  • Catholic Education

  • Disaster Relief & Recovery

  • Hospitality

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Other

This total represents grant payment activity during the selected fiscal year. However, approximately 90% of the money awarded in our priority program areas is part of multi-year commitments, so a grant may appear in multiple years of activity. The list below provides additional information about specific projects approved and/or paid during the fiscal year selected, including the project start date and the length of our commitment.

  1. International Rescue Committee

    $500,000 through March 2018

    to support refugee resettlement assistance within the United States.

    Disaster Relief & Recovery USA Awarded: March 2017
  2. Save the Children Federation, Inc.

    $500,000 through April 2018

    to support education for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon.

    Disaster Relief & Recovery International Awarded: March 2017