Our Grantmaking in 2017

  • Catholic Sisters

  • Foster Youth

  • Homelessness

  • Substance Use Prevention

  • Young Children Affected by HIV and AIDS

  • Avoidable Blindness

  • Safe Water

  • Catholic Education

  • Disaster Relief & Recovery

  • Hospitality

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Other

This total represents grant payment activity during the selected fiscal year. However, approximately 90% of the money awarded in our priority program areas is part of multi-year commitments, so a grant may appear in multiple years of activity. The list below provides additional information about specific projects approved and/or paid during the fiscal year selected, including the project start date and the length of our commitment.

  1. Foundations and Donors Interested in Catholic Activities

    $346,000 through November 2018

    to provide support for the dissemination of the national working group’s market research study on U.S. parents’ perceptions of Catholic schools to superintendents, bishops, and principals.

    Catholic Education USA Awarded: November 2017
  2. Catholic Schools Collaborative

    $630,000 through June 2019

    to provide support for STEM parental engagement programs and provide principals with the training they need to be more effective fiscal managers in a cluster of 15 of the Archdiocese’s most underserved schools.

    Catholic Education USA Awarded: November 2017
  3. Seton Education Partners

    $1,000,000 through July 2020

    to increase the operational vitality of Catholic schools by accessing available public funding in private school choice states (through tax credit scholarships and vouchers) to convert Catholic schools to a blended learning model.

    Catholic Education USA Awarded: November 2017
  4. CollegeSpring, Inc.

    $50,000 through September 2018

    to increase the vitality of Catholic schools through the implementation of a "college readiness" program for 2,500 students in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

    Catholic Education USA Awarded: October 2017
  5. Cristo Rey Network

    $750,000 through August 2020

    to advance the mission of the Cristo Rey Network by expanding the program in three low-income locales and conducting feasibility studies in 13 states to determine the possibility of expansion.

    Catholic Education USA Awarded: August 2017
  6. Sagamore Institute

    $185,000 through April 2018

    to provide start up costs for Catholic Education Partners, a national organization focused on advocacy for and implementation of private school choice for parents interested in sending their children to Catholic schools.

    Catholic Education USA Awarded: May 2017