• Funders Together to End Homelessness, Inc.
    $300,000 through March, 2020

    to strengthen a national movement among private philanthropy to end homelessness.

    Homelessness USA Awarded: March, 2017
  • Corporation for Supportive Housing
    $6,000,000 through March, 2020

    to support the Los Angeles initiative to prevent and end chronic homelessness through continued strengthening of the permanent supportive housing (PSH) industry and engaging mainstream systems to expand, align, and coordinate PSH interventions to those they serve.

    Homelessness USA Awarded: March, 2017
  • United Way Inc.
    $200,000 through January, 2018

    to coordinate support for public education around ending homelessness with fellow philanthropic partners through the Home For Good Funders Collaborative.

    Homelessness USA Awarded: January, 2017
    $3,000,000 through June, 2022

    to provide an investment in the Just In Reach Pay For Success program, a partnership with the Los Angeles County Health Agency to connect frequent users of the homeless system and Los Angeles County Jail with permanent supportive housing.

    Homelessness USA Awarded: November, 2016
  • Brilliant Corners
    $1,200,000 through March, 2019

    to support capacity-building and strategic planning to ensure the continued expansion and implementation of Los Angeles County's Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool.

    Homelessness USA Awarded: November, 2016
  • Housing California
    $300,000 through November, 2018

    to support the development of a coordinated, cross-sector policy effort aimed at increasing state funding for permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless individuals in California.

    Homelessness USA Awarded: November, 2016
  • Abt Associates
    $1,900,000 through December, 2021

    to serve as Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning partner for Phase II of the Foundation's Chronic Homelessness Strategic Initiative.

    Homelessness USA Awarded: August, 2016
  • Downtown Women's Center
    $450,000 through October, 2018

    to build partnership and foster cross-sector programs between permanent supportive housing and domestic violence providers.

    Homelessness USA Awarded: August, 2016
  • The People Concern
    $100,000 through May, 2018

    to engage the City of Malibu's homeless population and link them to comprehensive, integrated services within the coordinated entry system.

    Homelessness USA Awarded: April, 2016
  • Inner City Law Center
    $50,000 through April, 2017

    to coordinate an advocacy effort of nearly 60 homeless service providers and supportive housing developers to increase public spending on homelessness.

    Homelessness USA Awarded: April, 2016