• Reconcile New Orleans Inc.
    $1,200,000 through March, 2025

    to connect opportunity youth to careers in hospitality through skills training, wraparound supports and employer engagement.

    Opportunity Youth USA Awarded: April, 2022
  • The Aspen Institute, Inc.
    $1,485,000 through December, 2024

    to support the Global Opportunity Youth Network through increasing communications capacity, advocacy training for young people, and monitoring and evaluation.

    Opportunity Youth International Awarded: April, 2022
  • Public Works Alliance
    $100,000 through March, 2023

    to support their work in advocating for the Emergency Medical Corps training program.

    Opportunity Youth USA Awarded: March, 2022
  • Funders Together to End Homelessness, Inc.
    $100,000 through March, 2023

    to support the Centering Workers of Color pooled fund and the Workforce Matters Funders Group.

    Opportunity Youth USA Awarded: March, 2022
  • Center for Law and Social Policy
    $100,000 through March, 2023

    to provide capacity building support during an executive leadership transition.

    Opportunity Youth USA Awarded: March, 2022
  • City of Long Beach
    $1,500,000 through April, 2025

    to support the Office of Youth Development at the Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services to serve opportunity youth.

    Opportunity Youth USA Awarded: March, 2022
  • YouthBuild México, A.C.
    $3,100,000 through March, 2025

    to create a multipronged approach to youth employment in Mexico City, including direct service, collaboration and advocacy on behalf of opportunity youth.

    Opportunity Youth International Awarded: March, 2022
  • Wonder Seed Foundation
    $800,000 through February, 2024

    to provide mental health technology to CBOs that will improve employment outcomes for opportunity youth by addressing social-emotional challenges.

    Opportunity Youth USA Awarded: March, 2022
  • National Youth Employment Coalition Inc.
    $300,000 through July, 2023

    to support: 1) an evidence review of OY employer engagement strategies; and 2) a planning grant towards implementation of employer engagement projects in NOLA and Los Angeles.

    Opportunity Youth USA Awarded: December, 2021
  • Alliance for Children's Rights
    $400,000 through May, 2023

    to advance the LA P3 process through capacity building, strategic planning, and partnerships.

    Opportunity Youth USA Awarded: November, 2021