• Social Venture Partners Los Angeles Inc.
    $750,000 through May, 2023

    to promote a sector-wide commitment to racial equity and inclusion in the homeless services sector by launching an initiative to recruit, retain, and equip people of color and people with lived experience of homelessness to lead in the work to end homelessness in Los Angeles County.

    Homelessness USA Awarded: May, 2020
  • Housing California
    $900,000 through May, 2022

    to serve as a statewide leader to scale policy and systems change solutions through a coordinated, cross sector policy effort with a focus on people experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity who have suffered the most from systemic barriers to economic prosperity.

    Homelessness USA Awarded: May, 2020
  • Regents University of California Los Angeles
    $3,000,000 through June, 2022

    to support the California Policy Lab, in partnership with the County of Los Angeles, in its continued efforts to compile countywide public data from disparate systems and advance knowledge in predictive modeling and prevention strategies for individuals experiencing chronic homelessness in Los Angeles.

    Homelessness USA Awarded: May, 2020
  • Sanctuary of Hope
    $50,000 through November, 2021

    to enhance Sanctuary of Hope's technology infrastructure in order to strengthen its housing and homelessness services in South Los Angeles.

    Homelessness USA Awarded: May, 2020
  • Home At Last Community Development Corporation
    $50,000 through November, 2021

    to strengthen Home At Last's internal capacity to serve individuals experiencing homelessness in South Los Angeles through the development of a fundraising plan as well as staff and leadership training.

    Homelessness USA Awarded: May, 2020
  • Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
    $125,000 through March, 2021

    to expand capacity to shape policies at both the federal and local levels to end homelessness, and coordinate the homelessness advocacy community’s efforts to build support for an agenda that expands housing assistance to populations that need it most.

    Homelessness USA Awarded: March, 2020
  • Funders Together to End Homelessness, Inc.
    $450,000 through March, 2023

    to strengthen philanthropy’s voice in lifting up policies that align with best practices to prevent and end homelessness in California and nationally, and to engage philanthropy in addressing racial inequity in homelessness.

    Homelessness USA Awarded: March, 2020
  • The National Alliance to End Homelessness Inc.
    $1,000,000 through March, 2023

    To strengthen California state policy efforts and address emerging and existing national issues around ending homelessness, with an emphasis on vulnerable subpopulations.

    Homelessness USA Awarded: March, 2020
  • Corporation for Supportive Housing
    $4,750,000 through March, 2023

    To support a multifaceted plan to catalyze efforts to end chronic homelessness in LA County through lifting the voices of those with lived experience, new supportive housing development, increased system alignment, and statewide policy advocacy.

    Homelessness USA Awarded: March, 2020
  • Brilliant Corners
    $500,000 through November, 2021

    part of a multi-faceted strategy to enhance working capital to ensure organizational financial stability and expedite payables scaling and ongoing execution of the Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool.

    Homelessness USA Awarded: November, 2019