• Netcentric Campaigns, Inc.
    $1,000,000 through August, 2024

    To advance the network building approach in the district of Asutifi North, Ghana with potential for global replication.

    Safe Water International Awarded: August, 2019
  • California Community Foundation
    $1,100,000 through August, 2022

    To streamline the Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) pipeline and increase the number of PSH units in Los Angeles County through capacity support for nonprofit housing developers and training for City and County development agencies.

    Homelessness USA Awarded: August, 2019
  • Conrad N Hilton Fund for Sisters
    $550,000 through August, 2021

    To launch Phase II of support for leadership conferences and inter-congregational networks globally.

    Catholic Sisters International Awarded: August, 2019
  • Climate Resolve
    $10,000 through May, 2020

    to support the symposium "Wildfires: What Cities Can Do" as part of the Southern California Resilience Initiative.

    Disaster Relief & Recovery USA Awarded: May, 2019
  • ASXL Rare Research Endowment Foundation
    $500,000 through May, 2020

    To provide general operating support.

    Disaster Relief & Recovery USA Awarded: May, 2019
  • Community Funds Inc.
    $600,000 through May, 2021

    To invest in a collaborative fund to provide comprehensive educational support for foster youth.

    Foster Youth USA Awarded: May, 2019
  • Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose
    $1,500,000 through August, 2022

    To support the Sisters Leadership Development Initiative - America Latina program (SLDI-AL).

    Catholic Sisters International Awarded: May, 2019
  • National Catholic Reporter Publishing Company
    $3,000,000 through August, 2022

    To support the worldwide operations of the Global Sisters Report, an online publication of news, articles and stories for and about Catholic sisters at www.globalsistersreport.org.

    Catholic Sisters USA Awarded: May, 2019
  • National Foundation for the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Inc.
    $850,000 through January, 2022

    To continue implementation and evaluation of a school/community partnership approach for youth SBIRT.

    USA Awarded: May, 2019
  • Catholic Health Association of India
    $750,000 through July, 2022

    To build the capacity of Indian Catholic sisters in leadership, resource management and community health delivery through training and technology platforms.

    Catholic Sisters International Awarded: May, 2019