In our efforts to improve the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable people throughout the world, we solicit feedback from our grantees as one measure of our effectiveness.

In September 2014, we engaged the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) to survey our grantees and prepare a Grantee Perception Report™ (GPR).

The GPR is a confidential survey that provides a comprehensive assessment of grantee perceptions of our performance, and compares the data to data from other foundations whose grantees were also surveyed. This process is important to us because as it enables grantees to give an unfiltered assessment of their interactions with the Foundation, helping us guide improvements to our grantmaking practices as needed.

Prior to 2014, the Foundation had most recently petitioned a GPR in 2007. Since then, the Foundation transitioned to become a strategic grantmaker, working on six initiatives and five major programs. We are pleased with the overall improvement since 2007, and credit the deeper engagement with our grantee partners around our strategic goals as one driver of the results. Yet, we know there is more to be done. The Foundation will continue these efforts to enrich our partnerships with our grantees, including future GPR surveys.

Thank you to all our grantees who participated in this work.