Recent grants

Second Quarter 2012 Grants

Following is a list of priority area grants approved at the quarterly board meeting held on May 22, 2012.


$1.5 million over three years
To design, conduct, and implement an overall monitoring, evaluation, and learning strategy for the Foundation's Water Initiative.


$300,000 over two years
For community outreach and policy work to build support for affordable housing in California.
$700,000 over two years
To support the San Fernando Valley Homeless Coalition's efforts to place and maintain chronically homeless persons in permanent supportive housing.

Foster Youth

$400,000 over two years
To provide education and employment services for foster youth and former foster youth in New York City.
$125,000 over one year
To support a data-linkage study of foster youth pregnancy and early parenting dynamics.

Children Affected by HIV/AIDS

$1.5 million over three years
To support implementation science methods to evaluate and identify strategies that increase the effectiveness of Early Childhood Development program delivery and improve developmental outcomes for children affected by HIV/AIDS under the age of five in Mozambique.
$4.6 million over three years
To design and implement a holistic approach to meeting the unique developmental needs of children affected by HIV/AIDS under the age of five in Kenya, Malawi, and Tanzania.
$3 million over three years
To implement the Essential Package and build the capacity of community-based organizations and governments to deliver Early Childhood Development services for young children affected by HIV/AIDS in Malawi, Mozambique, and Zambia.

Catholic Sisters

$650,000 over one year
To build organizational capacity to implement the Moving Forward in Hope National Vocation Plan and to support key programs.

Multiple Sclerosis

$1.245 million over four years
To support three critical research projects recommended by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society's national expert volunteer peer reviewers: Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, Rehabilitation, and Promising Concepts and Leads.