Recent grants

Third Quarter 2013 Grants

Following is a list of priority area grants approved at the quarterly board meeting held on August 20, 2013

Foster Youth

Good Shepherd Services

New York, NY

$1.5 million over two years

To support the Stepping Stones to Success program (a comprehensive education and workforce readiness initiative) for foster youth.

New York Foundling Hospital

New York, NY

$1.5 million over three years

For educational support for foster youth from 8th grade through college, through the Road to Success Program.

St. Anne's Maternity Home

Los Angeles, CA

$1.5 million over three years

To support the Transition Age Youth Collaborative's implementation of a workforce development curriculum for foster youth in Los Angeles.

Children Now

Oakland, CA

$500,000 over two years

To support advocacy efforts to increase services and funding for transition age foster youth in Los Angeles and California.


Clifford Beers Housing

Los Angeles, CA

$500,000 over three years

To support the development of permanent supportive housing in high need areas throughout Los Angeles County.

Corporation for Supportive Housing

Los Angeles, CA

$1.5 million over two years

To expand the Just In Reach program, a partnership working to connect frequent users of Los Angeles County Jail and the homeless system with supportive housing. The project will test the feasibility of the program as a potential "Pay for Success" initiative in partnership with Los Angeles County.


Marywood University

Scranton, PA

$3.85 million over four years

To support the Higher Education for Sisters in Africa Initiative.

St. Catherine University

St. Paul, MN

$3.3 million over three years

To design, develop, and launch National Catholic Sisters Week in conjunction with Women's History Month, to heighten awareness of the contributions of women religious in the United States, thereby inspiring girls and women to hear, explore and perhaps even to respond to a call to religious life.

A Nun's Life Ministry

Toledo, OH

$525,000 over two years

To expand A Nun's Life's social media engagement with young women; to advance the capacity of Catholic sisters and other advocates of religious life to use social networking in support of vocations to religious life; and, to upgrade the infrastructure of A Nun's Life.

National Catholic Reporter Publishing Company

Kansas City, MO

$2.3 million over three years

To develop an international network of editors and reporters to write about Catholic Sisters and to enhance so that information about Sisters can be shared with a broader audience.

Leadership Conference of Women Religious

Silver Spring, MD

$500,000 over three years

To support the Leadership Pathways Program, a three-year program designed to teach leadership practices that have the potential to transform the leaders, their congregations and their ministries. Each participant will gain the tools needed to work collaboratively to create adaptive learning communities that address the pressing issues facing sisters today.

Substance Abuse

The American Board of Addiction Medicine Foundation

Chevy Chase, MD

$2 million over three years

To establish the National Center for Physician Training in Addiction Medicine to educate and train physicians in addiction medicine and prevention and early intervention of adolescent substance abuse, creating systemic change in medical education, medical practice, and health care.


Helen Keller International

New York, NY

$4.8 million over four years

To support Helen Keller International's activities to assist Mali, Niger and Tanzania progress toward elimination of trachoma.

Aravind Eye Foundation

New York, NY

$1.533 million over three years

To test a social enterprise model to improve access to high-quality cataract surgery in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Catholic Schools

Thomas Aquinas College

Santa Paula, CA

$600,000 over three years

For direct scholarship support for students who cannot afford tuition.

Disaster Relief

International Medical Corps

Santa Monica, CA

$750,000 (one year)

To support International Medical Corps' provision of assistance for refugees of the Syria Crisis who are now located in Turkey.

Lufthart ohne Grenzen

Frankfurt, Germany

$500,000 (one year)

To support Lufthart ohne Grenzen's provision of assistance for refugees of the Syria Crisis who are now located in Turkey.


University of Houston Foundation

Houston, TX

$450,000 over three years

To create a matching fund at the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management to motivate prospective donors for the new San Antonio campus.