Our People


The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation is governed by a board of directors. In 2005, the Foundation resolved that Hilton family members shall always constitute a majority of the board of directors.

Steven M. Hilton
Chairman, President & CEO

Eric M. Hilton

William H. Foege, M.D., M.P.H.

Hawley Hilton McAuliffe

James R. Galbraith

William B. Hilton, Jr.

Barron Hilton
Chairman Emeritus

Sister Joyce Meyer, PBVM

Conrad N. Hilton III

John L. Notter

Donald H. Hubbs
Director Emeritus

William G. Ouchi, Ph.D.

Foundation staff

The Hilton Foundation's mission is supported by a professional staff that administers our operational, financial, and grantmaking responsibilities.  Our staff are based in Agoura Hills, California.


Steven M. Hilton
Chairman, President & CEO

Ofelia Esquivel
Executive Assistant to the Chairman, President & CEO

Marge Brownstein
Executive Assistant - Special Projects




Patrick J. Modugno
Vice President, Administration and
Chief Financial Officer

Taryn Lee
Human Resources Director

Ian De Guzman
IT Systems Administrator

Katherine Miller
Facilities and Office Services Manager

Monica Emerson

Gwen Short
Administrative Assistant

Luis Franco
Facilities and Office Services Assistant

Marcia Trujillo-Penman
Corporate Secretary and Assistant Treasurer

Kristina Haygood
Accounting Assistant

Rochelle Witharana
Accounting Manager

Refugio Hernandez
Landscape Services and Facilities Assistant

Kelly Zia                                              Human Resources Coordinator




Randy Kim, CFA
Vice President and
Chief Investment Officer

Jennifer Leavitt
Administrative Assistant, Investments

Michael Buchman
Investment Manager, Private Equity
and Real Assets

Vardges Markosyan, CFA
Investment Operations Associate

Blair Critchlow
Senior Investment Associate

Yatin Patel
Investment Manager, Public Equity

Jay Kang, CFA                                             Deputy Chief Investment Officer

Jonathon Schroeder
Senior Investment Associate

Grant Programs

Edmund J. Cain
Vice President, Grant Programs

Alecia Foster
Executive Assistant to the Vice President, Grant Programs

Kristin Aldana-Taday
Program Associate, Domestic Programs

Andrea Iloulian 
Program Officer, Domestic Programs

Gregory Andersen
Program Officer, International Programs

Shaheen Kassim-Lakha
Director, International Programs

Rose Arnold
Grants Manager

Leah Manning
Program Associate, International Programs

Jeannine Balfour
Senior Program Officer, Domestic Programs 

Kara Lemma, Ph.D.
Program Associate, Catholic Sisters

Noelle Balla-McDonald
Administrative Assistant, Grant Programs

Tenille Metti
Program Associate, Domestic Programs

Lisa Bohmer
Senior Program Officer, International Programs 

Robert Miyashiro
Program Associate, International Programs

Megan Caenepeel
Grants Associate

Brad Myers
Senior Program Officer, Catholic Sisters Initiative

Elizabeth Cheung                                Senior Program Officer, Special Programs

Sister Rosemarie Nassif                        Director, Catholic Sisters Initiative

Chris Dunston
Senior Program Officer, International Programs

Bill Pitkin, Ph.D.
Director, Domestic Programs

Alexa Eggleston
Senior Program Officer, Domestic Programs

Emily Skehan                                              Program Associate, Domestic Programs

Jordan Faires
Senior Grants Manager


Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize

Judy M. Miller
Vice President and
Director, Hilton Humanitarian Prize

Maggie B. Miller
Manager, Hilton Humanitarian Prize




Marc Moorghen
Communications Director

Jackie Cubas
Communications Coordinator