The Marilyn Hilton Award for Innovation in MS Research

Marilyn and Barron Hilton

The goal of this award is to stimulate innovation and advance knowledge that will aid in developing treatments and cures for progressive forms of MS. The Foundation expects to commit up to $6 million in grant funding to be distributed over a four‐year period, with the intention of supporting multiple awards. For this funding cycle, the Marilyn Hilton Award will support grants of up to four years, totaling no more than $900,000 per organization over the grant period.

The Foundation envisions the Marilyn Hilton Award for Innovation in MS Research as the centerpiece of its MS research funding. The goal is to stimulate innovative and potentially paradigm-shifting research on Progressive MS, which may otherwise go unfunded in times of fiscal restraint. Per our funding guidelines, the foundation is particularly interested in supporting projects that address the development of biomarkers for Progressive MS; other areas that could impact the field, such as new animal models, health monitoring systems or investment into possible new therapeutics for Progressive MS; and the encouragement of young researchers into the field. At this time, the Foundation is particularly interested in the discovery of biomarkers for Progressive MS.

The request for proposals is now closed.

Marilyn Hilton

A life well lived despite adversity can inspire good works that extend beyond a lifetime. So it was with the life of Marilyn Hilton, wife of Barron Hilton for almost 57 years, mother of their eight children, including Foundation President Steve Hilton.

As often happens, the suffering of a loved one opens the hearts of family members serving on a foundation board to the plight of all other families who also have a loved one struggling with the same disability. Out of compassion and love for Marilyn Hilton, as well as concern for millions of others suffering from multiple sclerosis throughout the world, the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation has been a strong supporter of efforts to find a cure for MS together with efforts to provide direct assistance.

The Foundation has awarded approximately $18 million over five decades to help researchers and practitioners to find the cause of and ways to prevent MS in the future, develop effective treatments and medications for those who have the disease today, and improve the care of patients who now suffer from its unpredictable and often debilitating effects.

The Marilyn Hilton Award for Innovation in MS Research is an important step on the road to finding a cure and improving quality of life for those who are affected by multiple sclerosis.


Pre-proposal Invitation Issued: June 16, 2014 (past due date)
Pre-proposals Due: July 28, 2014 (past due date)
• Full Proposal Invitations: August 15, 2014
• Full Proposals Due: September 24, 2014
• Anticipated Award Announcement: November 2014
• Anticipated Funding: December 2014